Transformers Comic 2.11 – On Sale Tomorrow!

{mosimage} Titan UK has sent over information on their next Transformers Magazine release, due out tomorrow:

Check out the latest issue of Transformers Comic for action-packed features, games, puzzles, competitions and lots more! Issue 2.11 also includes "Spare Parts!", a fantastic 8-page comic story written by Transformers legend Simon Furman and featuring art from Jon  Davis-Hunt. Find out more on the story from the synopsis below and check out the sneak peeks attached!

Spare Parts!
Something went wrong when Dead End was released from stasis aboard the Nemesis spacecraft. Now he shambles like a zombie or scuttles about on all fours. Cast out by Megatron, Dead End runs into new Autobot recruits Jolt, Depth Charge and Rollbar‹on a survival/training exercise in a remote part of Alaska. Bits of Dead End are wearing out at an accelerated rate, and he needs spare parts!

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