TF in Japan: 2010 Tokyo International Anime Toy Fair & TA-01 Optimus

{mosimage}Double dosage from the Land of the Rising Sun! First up, four photos from the 2010 Tokyo International Anime Toy Fair, where there's a 13-ft plus tall statue of Animated Optimus Prime, as well other figures – from astf to Animated – at the TakaraTomy booth! Second, Alfes2010 has posted up in-package/out-package photos of TA-01 Optimus Prime from his two-pack with Megatron! From vehicle to robot mode, to the Ultra Axe (Ion Axe) and Optimus Rifle (his water cannon)!

Head to here at ACToys for their photos of the toy fair in Tokyo or see them mirrored at our gallery, then head to part 1 and part 2 of Alfes' review of Animated Optimus!