Put Down That Chainsaw and Ask Me A Few Questions!

{mosimage} I don't just TALK TV, I've got one for my HEAD! Because I am Wreck-Gar and I am here to answer your questions!  Yes, YOU!  The slightly pudgy kid in his mom's basement.  And YOU, the 30-something hipster who remembers Transformers from when you were a kid and enjoys wearing Transformers t-shirts and buying all the merch because it's ironic.  And YOU, the crazed collector who has thirteen variations of Skywarp, including the rare and hard to find Actionmaster prototype!  Yes, all that and more, here in the Allspark's new column where you can ask me anything!  Some dude named Cannonball used to be in charge of my column, but he left in a hurry, and he forgot to take all his stuff!  Does anyone know what "Petoleum Ale" is and why it smells like lighter fluid but tastes so darn good?  No? Oh well.  I am Wreck-Gar and I scooter my daisyheads!


(Special thanks go to David Willis for the brand spanking new art accompanying our new feature!)