Hasbro’s GI Joe Q&A Round 2 2010 Answers

{mosimage} GI Joe Q&A answers? On a Transformers site? Yup, that's right! Our users had some burning GI Joe questions, so we forwarded them on to Hasbro. What did the Joe brand team have to say? Well, Read More to find out!

We'd like to thank Hasbro for allowing us to participate in this round of the GI Joe Q&A! To discuss the answers, or submit questions for next round, click here.

Q1) Many figures previewed at the 2009 JoeCon were disappointingly absent from the Toy Fair 2010 displays and announcement, such as Ashiko w. Cycle Armor, Shadow Tracker, Jungle Assault Storm Shadow, Desert Battle Ripcord, and Desert Battle Heavy Duty. Can you give any sort of statement in regards to the status of these figures, if they've been outright canceled, pushed back for later release, etc?

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Q2) Images have surfaced of the upcoming Exclusive Sgt Slaughter. What changed about the use of his likeness which was previously unavailable? Especially since this new figure seems to be based more on his actual likeness rather than how he was depicted in the GI Joe Cartoon. Also, it appears he has a new wrist joint compared to previous Joes, is this a trick of the lighting, or is this a new articulation being introduced into the line?

A2) We wanted to do something special and unique for the SDCC exclusive therefore the team were inspired by original photographic reference from 1986. You are correct, there is a new wrist joint, this adds another level of pose-ability. We have added this joint to several future figures in the POC line.  


Q3) The upcoming Resolute 7 packs look great and are highly anticipated. One thing that has been noticed though is that some of the figures head sculpts seem to have been "re-imagined" in more realistic manners vs their actual animation appearances. Roadblock and Scarlett especially stand out as being less "animated" in their stylings while Duke and Destro for example seem very close. Was this a conscious choice on the design team's part, based upon earlier test art which wound up different from the actual animation, or something else?

A3)We try to have our characters exist seamlessly within all 3 & 3/4” figures from the various years. We do this with our collectors in mind. For instance, with Roadblock & Scarlett we wanted them to be different from previous versions of these characters so they could co-exist with fans of 25th & ROC collections. With Duke & Destro being main characters from GI Joe lore, we wanted them to closer resemble the animation style so they could stand apart from versions we did in the past and be instantly recognizable as GI Joe RESOLUTE.