Glimpse of “The Chase” and “The Shooting” Arcade Games

{mosimage}For those not able to hop across the Pacific to the 2010 Tokyo International Anime Toy Fair, you're in luck. Allsparker Sprocket has pointed out two videos at YouTube showcasing Sega's two Animated arcade games in action. "The Chase" video showcases two players (as Bumblebee) tackling Blitzwing on a Detroit highway, and players can transform between modes to dodge other cars and/or fire their weapons. "The Shooting" is played like most light-gun aracades, from a first-person perspective with a targeting reticule, damage indication, and the weapon buttons.

Watch "The Shooting" here and "The Chase" here! Don't forget to voice your thoughts at our thread! Credits: Sprocket, wx0635

"The Shooting"


"The Chase"