Animated in Japan: Sega Arcade, TV Aichi Site, Music Teaser

{mosimage}Triple dosage on Animated in Japan! First, new details on the Sega arcade games on Animated! Both will be 2-payers, as well Animated game cards can be obtained and used to save the players' details, particulars, and progress each time they play by scanning the barcode. "The Chase" arcade machine is much like most racing games, where players use the driving wheels to hunt down Decepticon rivals. "The Shooting" utilizes an interesting form of weapon to target enemy Decepticons.

From TV Aichi, they've put up their official site for Animated, showing three screenshots from the first episode, as well a schedule on which channels will be airing Animated. For those interested, other than TV Aichi, there's also TV Hokkaido, TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi for Okayama and Kagawa, and TVQ Kyuushuu Housou for Fukuoka.

Also, there's a 15-second preview at YouTube promoting Animated and one can somewhat hear the opening song in the background!

Head to here at Takara on the arcade games, here at TV Aichi's site, here for the preview at YT, and sound off here!