Interview with Pete Sinclair!

{mosimage} Dion, Punch/Counterpunch, Shattered Glass Cyclonus, Botcon 2010…There are a lot of great things on the horizon for the Transformers Collectors' Club, and today the had the opportunity to chat with Pete Sinclair of Fun Publications about a few of those upcoming projects, figures and events!

What did he have to reveal? Well, click "Read More" to read the interview and find out! So with today being the final day to sign up for the Transformers Collectors' Club membership figure Dion, what can you tell us about the figure and or character?

Pete Sinclair: Dion seemed a perfect fit. The idea for the character evolved very quickly and with the story we were throwing around, it just all made sense. The idea of exploring his character in this setting is also going to be a lot of fun. Dion has always been regulated to whom he may have "become," not who he was. Now fans will get a chance to see who he is!

AS: Was there any extra work in getting the Henkei version of the Hot Shot (Hot Rod) mold than using the standard Hasbro one?

PS: No, not really. We asked, they said yes. We were like "jackpot!" That was the short and skinny of it.

AS: Nice! With Dion, fans are getting another Elite Guard toy to add to their Wings of Honor. But now that the rest of his squad has been revealed, can we ask why are Metalhawk and Ironfist seemingly just their G1 bodies instead of being new possible repaints as well?

PS: Same reason many of the supporting characters throughout the years are in their "actual" bodies. Balancing Act, Crossing Over, Wings of Honor… those stories all had most of the supporting cast in their original bodies. It allows you to take your toys and display them in different ways. I think that has been a staple of Transformers collecting since day 1. You can create your own "shelf" based on whatever fiction you may like, story thread you are following and so on.

AS: Ah, that makes sense. Getting back to Dion for a second, both he and Heatwave broke the tradition of the previous four years of having a Scout figure as the Club member exclusive. Going forward, is the Club looking to have more Deluxe-sized membership figures?

PS: It just depends on current costs, available molds, characters we'd maybe like to do and so on. Ultimately, we want a figure/character that people want and are excited about.

AS: Thanks for explaining that a little further! Now with "The Coming Storm", you're one of the co-writers of this continuing story of the G1 Elite Guard. Can you share with us who/what your favorite character/plot is? Without giving away too many specifics of course.

PS: There is no way to talk about my favorite plot without giving it away! It is tough, because this years story is very clean. Meaning, while we enjoyed doing the whole multiversal epic over the last 5 years, this years story follows a group of the Elite Guard and the challenges they face. Yes, that is a very generic description, but in part 2 we really kick things off with both a bang and a " What? Are you kidding me?"

AS Dion Flexes for the Rest of Metalhawk's Team.: Fair enough, and it sounds like we've got something exciting to look forward to! While we're talking about the Club comic, we'd like to bring up that there have been numerous fans asking for another TPB like "Balancing Act." Although, we're sure you already knew that Would making another collected trade of your Club exclusive comics be something that you'd like to look into for the future?

PS: The first two years were produced by IDW and then they collected and sold them in "Balancing Act". Everything since then has been produced by us. We are looking at ways to get them in to a TPB, though, and would also like to tie them in to the other timelines they crossover in to as well…

AS: That certainly sounds interesting! Would the bios that you have been including the Club Magazine and various Timelines comics be something that you would add into the trades as well? So that they could finally be all in one place?

PS: That I just don't know right now

AS: Alright, we understand. However, we might as well get one


more of those questions out of the way…The prose stories. Could they see print?


PS: Same answer icon-hotrod.gif

AS: How did we see that coming? icon-hotrod.gif But we understand. Changing gears, while sticking with prose stories for right now, You've said that the final Shattered Glass Prose story has been dropped for now. Can you shed any more light on why it's been dropped? How about a short tease of what the story WOULD have been?

PS: It wasn't dropped; it's just being reworked. "Transhuman" will wrap up the current Shattered Glass story line.

AS: So that means we can expect more Shattered Glass down the road in addition to the Cyclonus fiction?

PS: We'll see. That's all I can say right now.

AS: Alright icon-hotrod.gif

AS: We've been trying to figure out a way to squeeze this one in, but so far haven't seen the opportunity. So we'll just ask. With Botcon 2010 looming is there anything solid you can reveal about the upcoming convention figures and the fiction they're set in?

PS: I will say this. We always try to top the year before and this years story and set theme does that as far as I am concerned. I have never been so excited for the reveal! I think fans will be thrilled with the mold and character selection. We have a great writing team and they have quite the story worked up for you!

And that's that! We'd like to thank Pete Sinclair once again for taking time out of his schedule to answer a few of our questions!