War For Cybertron: Inside Gaming, DS, Details

{mosimage}Triple pile-up of War for Cybertron news! Machinima.com's video interview with Matt Tieger, game director at High Moon Studios, plus two reports from Kotaku. From Machinima, much has been mentioned before, how the game takes place during the waning years of the war and prior to the Transformers leaving Cybertron. One of the challenges with Cybertron was that the planet is all metal, as well fulfilling expectations, and the most difficult one was scale – how large the TFs would be in relative to their surroundings. Mentioned is a bit on the campaign, from Megatron's perspective, to the Autobots and Optimus' rise, plus understanding the fans' differing perspectives.

Kotaku reports that the DS version – made by Vicarious Visions – will have Grimlock and Jetfire, the Decepticon campaign mentions Starscream and Jetfire's friendship before they separated, no trailer for Prime because it wouldn't work out, and Soundwave is a truck. There's also vehicle classification: cars, trucks, tanks and jets. Cars like Bumblebee allow sharp turns by shifting laterally, whereas jets can hover. The Wii version of WfC will be made by Next Level Games, the folks behind the Wii's revival of Punch Out.

To sum up the goal:

"The goal was not to make the best Transformers game ever," Matt Tieger, lead designer of this new game was telling Kotaku. "The goal was to make a great game that was a Transformers game."

Watch the video at Machinima's YouTube, and read Kotaku's articles here and DS update here! Don't forget to sound off at our thread here!