Toy Fair Report Part 3

{mosimage} Cheetimus has sent us a bit of a summary for the War For Cybertron demo that they showed:

This game is graphically amazing! Huge scale, incredible detail. And yes, we were shown live gameplay
Voice acting throughout, though I felt cullen was the weakest… oddly enough.
Gameplay was decent hack and slash and cool looking flight modes. Saw a boss battle were the player was megs vs omega supreme
The characters are very accurate, speach patterns on point. Fans will dig this game
Prime is shown after the death of "zeta prime" and he takes command
You can play with friends and they can jump in or drop out at any time
Damage is shown kinda like first person shooter these days. The screen gets staticy and. Out of focus as damage is accrued
It was awesome hearing Omega act like himself as well as Soundwave advising megs in battle

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