Toy Fair Report Part 2

{mosimage} While we have a brief break, here's another recap of Cheetimus' Tweets from Toy Fair 2010!

  1. Power core combiners now…
    5 pack bruticus. Blastoff is a missile launcher. Vortex is… a tank? Not certain on names
    As in the names weren't presented
    Scout figure from two packs can replace 5 pack torso
    Leadfoot with pinpoint
    Not called bruticus… Bombshock. Still combaticons
    Aerialbots … Skyburst
    Race car team and constructicons
    Race cars looked to be autobots, not stunticons
  2. MP grimlock looks like initial release but with the crown. Added toyetic details like sticker kinda stuff
  3. Comcicon exclusive… steeljaw, ramhorn and eject… oh, and they come with Blaster

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