The Allspark’s Toy Fair Report Part 1

{mosimage} As news continues to roll in from Toy Fair, we thought we'd post a brief summary of what we've found out so far! This information comes to us from Cheetimus via @AllsparkNews on Twitter:

  • Legends ravage and rampage
  • Legends beachcomber repainted as sandstorm
  • Insecticon… the bug Sam tore apart! Scout sized
  • Breacher – Blue Armored Truck
  • Hubcap Scout. 1950s roadster
  • Chopper bike named brimstone-Blue with green flames
  • Human alliance Jazz! With Lennox. His gun is a motorcycle for lennox
  • Battle ops BB is 2 inches taller than leader class
  • Forest battle leader prime. Battle damage and hooks on hands
  • New voyager prime…. with matrix in his chest, Swords and guns
  • Elita1 will be released with instruction online to combine… like in movie 3? Did he slip?
  • Missile carrier named Hailstorm. 8 firing missiles
  • Side swipe with red flames on the front
  • Blue and white dirge repaint: jetblade
  • New deluxe BB, battle blade. Whole new mold
  • Transformers generations is just deluxe line for anything they want
  • Drift is the first – Highly posable! Pretty cool figure
  • Henkai thrust in this line!
  • DARKMOUNT! Actually Straxus! Triple changer-a large tank and missile emplacement. Couldn't get the right name. His head is dead on. Big, blue, axe too. – Turns into a large tank and a missile emplacement.



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