The Allspark Thanks You! And Announces Allspark-Powered Charity Drive

{mosimage} *UPDATE #2* Thanks to the over-whelming response we received for the Toy Fair 1986 Catalog auction, our fund drive has morphed into something else entirely! We're turning this into an all-out Allspark-powered charity drive! Click here to read the full details on this new charity drive for Hasbro Children's Hospital!

*Update* Thanks to the contributions of 43 members of our community since this morning, including a very generous contribution by our own Jim Sorenson, we had our first offer accepted for this rare piece of toy collecting history. This is a remarkable achievement and an amazing – and quick! – level of cooperation by everyone in our community. Give yourselves all a round of applause and start your drooling for when the scans for this are made and released in a few weeks!

For those that may have missed it, a copy of a 1986 pre-Toy Fair catalog from Hasbro has appeared on eBay. Why is this important you ask? The catalog was put together before final coloration and tooling was decided upon for many of the figures in the images. Things like over-saturated Onslaught, blue-armor Superion, and bloated rifle Galvatron are only the tip of the iceberg!

You can discuss the catalog or the donations here!


And now, here's where it gets EVEN BETTER!!!! We're turning this into an all-out Allspark-powered charity drive!

I think what makes this an incredible effort was the speedy and generous community support for something we all feel is important. 43 of you bought into an old toy book, but I think that we have the ability to really take this to another level and really make a difference as a community, and I'd like to see how many people are interested in that!

Here's what I'm proposing now:
1) The 1986 Toyfair is already bought, will be scanned and available to everyone. It's great when step one of any plan is: "you've already won!"
2) The excess money in my Paypal account will be donated to the Hasbro Children's Hospital, which seems to be the most-identified charity people were interested in. Plus, because it's something strongly supported by Hasbro, it's a great symmetry that this 1986 artifact could motivate donations to make a difference in the lives of children in 2010.
3) Anyone who donates between now and midnight on Sunday, February 28, even though the book's cost is covered, will receive full "contributor" credit on whatever Wiki page is created when the book is scanned and published.

To contribute, send (again, suggested $5 minimum) to my Paypal account at [email protected]

Also tell me what your screen name is so I know who you are, and whether you'd like to be credited as your real name or screen name.

Mark it as a "gift," because only a couple of people had fees taken out before so it seems that's the key. Also: your donation will NOT be reduced by fees. I pledge right now to replace any Paypal fees taken out of donations. What you give me is what I give the hospital. Simple.

We had a goal of $500 to buy the Toyfair catalog earlier, and I'd like to set the same goal now to donate to the hospital. We'll call that our ultimate victory! However, I think it would still be an amazingly fantastic thing if we could at least match the cost of the book and raise $380 by Sunday night.

We already have a $60 $70 head start (damn you guys are fast!), by the way, so I think this is a completely achievable goal. And seriously, I want to be clear now that regardless of how this goes, you all should already be extremely proud of yourselves for what's been accomplished today.

(If there are any concerns or questions, or if anyone has serious reservations about this, please contact me privately and I'll be happy to speak with you about it.)