TF Animated Japanese Dubbing Cast

{mosimage}Thanks to Livejournal user toriaki posting at the TF Animated LJ community on the Japanese voice cast for Animated! Optimus will be voiced by Hiroki Takahashi, who did Beast Wars II Starscream/Hellscream, Mantis, and Autolauncher, and Car Robots' Guildo and Build Hurricane (Robots in Disguise Dark Scream and Grimlock). Daisuke Kishio, who voiced the role of Chad "Kicker" Jones from Super Link (Energon), will be doing Bumblebee; Satomi Akesaka will be Sari; and Norio Wakamoto, who voiced Flame Convoy of Galaxy Force (Cybertron), will be doing Megatron. Also mentioned is that famous music group JAM Project will be performing the opening song!

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