News From Toy Fair 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany

{mosimage} Allspark Member Philister has stopped by with some news from the Toy Fair held in Nuremberg, Germany. While much of what he saw was the same as the UK Toy Fair, there were some new figures on display:

– Scout class figure Hubcap, who transforms into a red muscle car
– Scout class figure Brimstone, who transforms into a blue motorbike
– Power Core combiner Team "Aerialbots", consisting of a leader figure just below Deluxe size and four team members just below Scout size.

He also found out more about the upcoming RPM toys:

The RPMs line seems to a major success and there'll be lots of new products there. Apart from at least a dozen new RPM cars I've seen, there is a new race track / play set, titled "Bumblebee's Battle Track".

Additionally a new RPM subline called "Stealth Force" was introduced. This line consists of Voyager- and Deluxe-sized vehicles. They can't transform into robots, but they do electronically fold out weapons and other technical knick-knacks. Optimus Prime and Megatron come in Voyager-size, Bumblebee in Deluxe size.

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