IDW May 2010 Solicitations

{mosimage}Shelves, wallets, and brains ready to cry again? Here is IDW's solicitations for May 2010!

  • Transformers: Ironhide #1
    Mike Costa (W) • Casey Coller (A) • Marcelo Matere, Coller (C)
  • Transformers #7
    Mike Costa (W) • Don Figueroa (A) • Figueroa, Andrew Wildman (C)
  • Transformers: The IDW Collection, Vol. 1
    Simon Furman, Eric Holmes, Nick Roche, Shane McCarthy (W) • Alex Milne, EJ Su, M.D. Bright, Nick Roche (A) • Su (C)
  • Last Stand of the Wreckers #5
    Nick Roche, James Roberts (W) • Nick Roche (A) • Trevor Hutchison, Roche (C)
  • Nefarious #3
    Simon Furman (W) • Carlos Magno (A) • Brian Rood, Magno (C)
  • Best of Optimus Prime
    Bob Budiansky, Simon Furman (w) • Various Artists (a) • Livio Ramondelli (c)

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