Decode Secret WFC Images and Video!

{mosimage} The War For Cybertron website's been decoded! 80sGeek has deciphered a few of the codes for the new "transmission decoder". Interested in what they are?

Image/art codes: b-018 y-088, b-40 y-328, b-51 y-110, b-073 y-190, b-085 y-298, b-096 y-347, b-107 y- 035, b-120 y-040, b-162 y-359, b-173 y-003, b-192 y-147, b-203 y-094, b-214 y-004, b-225 y-199, b-236 y-015, b-265 y-011, b-284 y-021, b-306 y-041, b-328 y-221

Video: b-249 y-101 (transformation pulse confirmed in clip)

Click here to read the full run down on, including the directions on how to use the codes. Credits: 80sGeek,