Who IS She?

{mosimage} Nick Roche has updated the Eclectic Micks Blog with an image featuring sketches of a female character said to be bound for one of his upcoming Transformers series. Who is she? Well, he doesn't say, but he does give some hints:

Fresh scraps from the sketchbook this weekend, featuring an unidentified character from my upcoming Transformers series wot I'm writing AND drawing. (…and breathe…) It's actually not 100% that she's gonna make the final cast cut at this point. (Actualy had to go back and rename her file – THAT almost gave the game away what's coming up) I've been tasked with tackling a book that's heavily populated already, but I've got a soft spot for this lass, so it's be great to see her in the thick of things. And it'd sure pretty up a Transformers comic, huh?

Click here to see the sketches, and then discuss them here. Thanks to Wildwade for the link!