Transformers UK Toy Fair news!

{mosimage} News is starting to trickle out of the 2010 UK Toy Fair! So far some of the highlights include:

  • Animated will get 'phased' back into the UK in late 2010. Probably.
  • New RPM molds including Drift
  • RPM Bumblebee track set
  • RPM Stealth Force – deluxe/voyager size vehicles with fold out weaponry. Doesn't sound like they transform
  • ROTF toy line name will be dropped, re-branded just as "Transformers"
  • Power Core Combiners is a "Transformers" sub-line
  • 2-packs and 5-packs can be combined together
  • One of the 5-pack combiners is a new Bruticus!
  • Seaspray is a boat with room for Scouts on his deck

Click here to read the full description of the toys that are on display! The discuss this news here! Credits: Blueshift, TMUKHub


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