ROTF Toy Releases From Around The Globe!

{mosimage} Various reports are being made of new astf popping up all over the world! In Singapore, the first sighting of Nebular Starscream have been made. The figure is showing up in Toys R Us stores, since there are no K-Marts in that part of the world. Malayasia gives birth to sightings of Voyager Wave 7, which includes Defender Optimus Prime and Mindwipe. And lastly, Scout Wave 5 has been spotted in the Philippines. These toys include Sonar, Wideload and Brakedown. To see the original reports or post your own sightings, click the links below:

Nebular Starscream: Original Report   Post Your Own Sighting
Voyager Wave 7: Original Report    Post Your Own Sighting
Scout Wave 5: Original Report    Post Your Own Sighting