ROTF Scout Wave 5, Walmart Scout 2-Packs Now out!

{mosimage} There now have been a couple of sightings that ought to make astf fans happy! The first is by Allspark member Blindmouse and is for the long awaited 2010 Scouts wave 1 (or Wave 5, if you take the movie line as a whole). He's reporting finding Sonar, Wideload and Brakedown at a Target in Novato, California! The other sighting comes to us from TFW2005. It looks like the Walmart exclusive Scout repaints are now hitting shelves as well. These figures include Slapdash vs. Trenchmouth (Windy City Chase), and Beachcomber vs. Deadlift (Road Rival Showdown).

Click here to see the Scout Wave 5 sighting, and here for the 2-packs sighting, then discuss this news here! You can then post your own sightings for the 2-packs here.