New TakaraTomy Animated Listings

{mosimage}Allspark sponsor BigBadToyStore has a whole slew of new listings for TakaraTomy's upcoming release of Transformers:  Animated!  These listings include some yet to be released Hasbro Animated figures including Blackout & Arcee.  See below for the full listings (some previously confirmed).

TA08 Lockdown
TA09 Blackarachnia
TA10 Cliffjumper (Activator)
TA11 Dirge (Activator)
TA12 Arcee
TA13 Blitzwing
TA14 Shockwave
TA15 Lugnut
TA16 Soundwave
TA17 Grimlock
TA18 Snarl
TA19 Swoop
TA20 Blackout
TA21 Jetfire
TA22 Jetstorm
TA23 Skywarp
TA24 Thundercracker (Activator)
TA25 Soundblaster
Transformers EZ Collection Volume 03 (Animated)

You can view the listings at BBTS, and discuss them in our forums.  Thanks to Madworld for the news.