New NEST Alliance Carded Images

{mosimage}BWTF has new images of the upcoming/recently released astf NEST Global Alliance figures.  Among these figures is the mail away Recon Ravage, Divebomb, and the Movie/Animated Hybrid Soundwave RPM.  He also has carded images of upcoming Battle Chargers and Gravity Bots to name a few.  View below for the full listing of figures shown.

ROTF Deluxe:
Ratchet  |  Lockdown  |  Recon Ravage

ROTF Scouts:
Skystalker  |  Divebomb  |  Scattorshot

Battle Chargers:
Cyber Armor Optimus Prime  |  Megatron

Highway Patrol Barricade  |  Mixmaster vs Ironhide  |  NEST Bumblebee  |  Optimus Prime vs Desert Longhaul  |  Soundwave

Gravity Bots:
Battle Steel Optimus  |  Nitro Sideswipe

You can view the images at BWTF and discuss them on our forums.