More Descriptions From 2010 Toy Fair UK

{mosimage} Transformers At The Moon is now weighing in with their thoughts on the Transformers figures displayed at the 2010 Toy Fair UK:

WFC Optimus – looked bigger than deluxe, more like Voyager size
WFC Bumblebee – awesome vehicle mode, and even more awesome, metallic gold paint/plastic
Universe Seaspray – ultra sized I think, since it was bigger than ROTF Bludgeon that it was next to. Looks just like a huge version of the original Same blue and white and yellow for the turbines. Very nice.
Some new G1 style legends – I think I saw a jeep, Outback maybe? or Swindle?, It was khaki coloured but the view from the booth window was too far to see the smaller toys
Some kind of combiner – could have been power combiners, but looked to me more like it was built from Legends sized figures – and it was definitely not Devastator. One of the legs looked like a jet or shuttle of some kind. Could be a Legends Bruticus set? Was very lanky and with wiry limbs, but humanoid in shape.

Click here to read the full article, and then discuss it here. Credits: NinjaCyborg, Transformers At The Moon