EZ Collection Vol. 3 and Others

{mosimage}Love the little guys? Cybergundam has been kind enough to post up the list pertaining to EZ Collections volume 3 as well the release April 24! This volume contains: TFA Optimus Prime, TFA Bumblebee, TFA Prowl, TFA Starscream, ROTF Arcee, ROTF Optimus Prime (Repaint version), ROTF Bumblebee (Repaint version), and ROTF Jolt. Also in Cybergundam's blog entry is a lineart of Alternity Starscream/Skywarp (May 29), lineart for Disney Label Buzz Lightyear (June 26), and Device Label Cheetor (May 29). In case those of you forgot: Human Alliance Mudflap/Simmons and Unite for the Universe line Jet-powered Optimus and Megatron were also noted, April 24 for HA Mudflap/Simmons and June 26 for the UftU leader figures. Keep in mind that the release dates are subject to change.

Read it up at Cybergundam's blog!


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