Art of Tales of the Fallen #6

{mosimage}On the heels of the comic preview for astf Tales of the Fallen #6 written by Chris Mowry, art by Alex Milne, and colors by Josh Perez, comes some more art! From Milne, he has lineart of page 2 that shows another perspective, as well a colored and clean version of the page. From Perez, the clean version cover with art as done by Carlos Magno! And an Allspark-exclusive from Mowry: concept art of Flatline drawn by Milne, and a headbust concept render by Perez!

On Flatline's alt-mode, Mowry says that the Decepticon's "G1 model would be that of a 60s Hearse. His movie mode would probably be a coroner's van or something like that." Quite fitting for someone who's the Decepticon medic, opposite to Ratchet.

Here's the concept art of Flatline by Milne, the render by Perez, Milne's lineart for page 2, the clean version of page 2, and Perez's colors on Magno's cover! For more art, clean versions – page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5 – at Perez's DeviantArt! Don't forget to sound off your thoughts at the discussion thread!