War For Cybertron Allspark Q&A!


Activision has been conducting Q&A's with all the major fansites, include Seibertron and TFW , and us as well!  Click here to read the Allspark Exclusive Q&A, and visit our gallery to see several concept art images from the upcoming all-console game!  Also keep an eye on GameInformers War For Cybertron website , which now has bios for both Prime and Megatron, and the official War For Cybertron website!


Cybertron at War


Allspark: Based on the Revenge of the Fallen game, should we be expecting more of the same with this game, or will the gameplay vary in different ways?

Activision: We are writing our own fiction and as such are not bound to the movie universe, so this game is gameplay first with the Transformers license sitting squarely at the top of a solid gameplay foundation.

Allspark:  Did Hasbro work on designing the characters for this game, or are they designs original to Activision?

Activision: I am exceedingly proud to say that we designed all the characters here at Highmoon Studios and then presented those designs to Hasbro for approvals.  The process starts with us boiling down what we think the visual foundations for a character are. For example, Optimus is all about a heroic chest plate, broad silhouette, samurai ears, face plate, etc.  We take all that and go through many internal revs to find the right one; we then take this design to Hasbro and make sure we are on target – a few changes later and we get our hero.

Allspark:  Can you tell us your favorite character design in the new game?

Activision: Tough call, visually Bumblebee remains very high on the list. We did a major redesign on him which thrilled and scared the heck out of me (I mean Cybertron form – never before been to Earth – should be easy right!).  So what I did is use my 7 year old son as a benchmark and showed him the art. Note the official transcript which follows: “Who is this guy?” {heartbeat} “Bumblebee, duh,” {internal backflips} “Thanks son.” 

Allspark: Are you going to be able to play as both Decepticons & Autobots?

Activision: Yup! See below.

Allspark: What should we be looking forward to in this game – IE, what's new and exciting?

Activision: The TF fans are going to really enjoy the story that we tell.  The game is divided into two campaigns – Autobot and Decepticon.  Gamers can play them in either order but the Decepticon campaign takes place prior to the Autobot story.  Each campaign is completely distinct while at the same time intertwined with the other. The stories, environments and gameplay are unique in each campaign.

Allspark: Will it support online play? If so, can you elaborate?

Activision: Yes, we’re excited to say that fans can play through the campaigns with their friends via online co-op, or go head to head in intense online multiplayer game modes.  We have lots more details to announce in the coming months so definitely stay tuned!

Allspark: Is the game's location Cybertron only, or do they explore other planets or areas?

Activision: The entire game takes place on the Transformers’ home planet of Cybertron.

Allspark: Since the game universe won't be tied into any specific pre-existing universe, how much freedom did you have in crafting the mythos? What parts of the mythos did you feel were immutable?

Activision: Great question. The focus for much of the story was about presenting a mature real version of Cybertron and what happened, it was about defining our version of Optimus and Megatron, it was about remaking our best childhood memories, and it was about grounding all that in a solid great game.  I pitched the story to Hasbro (and yes I was sweating when I did it) hoping that I had stretched but stayed true to the characters and events.  Hasbro laid down the guardrails, i.e. what couldn’t change, but gave me a wide latitude within which to tell an incredible story. Some things that couldn’t change were the spirit of Optimus, the drive of Megatron – and why in the world would I change that?