TakaraTomy ROTF Jetfire & Buster Optimus Prime 2 Pack!

{mosimage}Just a short couple of weeks after the release of the single packed astf Buster Optimus Prime comes word of a new Two Pack Giftset, in the theme of past Takara Convoy Giftsets, featuring Leader sized Jetfire and Buster Optimus Prime.  Jetfire features dark gray in place of the original figure's blue, and other painted details.  Could this figure have a super detailed paint scheme ala Buster Prime and the 2007 Movie's Premium line?  Also in the pack is Buster Optimus Prime.  No word yet if this version features the original or Buster headsculpt or the Buster Ion Cannon, but it looks to sport the same color scheme and details, but the portrait shows the masked version rather than the unmasked version.

You can view Red Leader's original post at TFW2005 here, and discuss them on our boards.

**UPDATE**  The Jetfire in fact is redecoed, replacing the blue for dark brown, the yellow for gold, and features additional details.  Optimus Prime is the face plate version, unlike the original Buster Prime, but features the Buster Prime paint job.  No word yet, if this version of Optimus Prime features the Ion Cannon.  This set is due for release January 1st, 2010.