TakaraTomy Begining to Move Production To Vietnam

{mosimage}  DrillBIT from TFW is reporting that a change is coming to TakaraTomy's production lines.  Translated from Nikkei Net News :

Due to the increase of labor expenses and CNY exchange rate, TakaraTomy will be moving their production line from commissioned plants in China to Vietnam to cut production costs.
This will include capsule toys and Tomica mini-cars. Production value in Vietnam will increase from 15 billion yen by March of 2010 to 30 billion yen in 2011.

Production of toys in Vietnam
30% of total for capsule toys and 60% of total for Tomica cars
next year, 100% for both.

What's this mean for Transformers?  At the moment, very little, as the only TF toys affected are 'capsule toys' – small vending machine toys.  But it could be an indication of future trends, and perhaps in a couple years, we'll be seeing leaked toys from Vietnam instead of China!