Takara Tomy Website Updates with Encore 19 Big Mission Vol 3, EZ Collection Wave 2

{mosimage} Takara Tomy has updated their Transformers site with two new pages, one for Encore 19 Big Mission Vol 3 (Frenzy, Rumble, Overkill, Condor) and the other for EZ Collection Wave 2 (EZ-09 Optimus Prime Battle Damaged, EZ-10 Megatron Battle Damaged, EZ-11 Ironhide, EZ-12 Grindor, EZ-13 Skids, EZ-14 Sideways, EZ-15 Wheelie, EZ-16 Soundwave).

Click here to see the Encore Cassettes and here for the EZ Collection figures! And a reminder for those looking to get their hands on these toys, the cassettes are scheduled for December 12th, and the EZ Collection figures are December 26th. You can check out the full release schedule here!