Script Treatment for Transformers 3? Bogus or Not, Here You Go!

{mosimage}Either this is real or it's fake.  We're leaning, of course, toward fake: on the other hand, the last time we saw an ostensibly illegitimate script treatment for a Transformers movie, it turned out to be not-so-far-off from the finished product.  So, without further ado, and the contents of the finest salt mines of Borneo at our disposal, we present to you the following.  Click "Read More" if you don't mind being– maybe, possibly, if this turns out to be something more than a hoax– spoiled.  Or duped. It's 126 pages, which is about the right length for a screenplay, so there's a mark in its column, but it's also done, a scant six months following the release of the last film.  Then again, that could also be evidence supporting the piece's legitimacy, considering how quick studios are to fast-track sequels to incredibly huge blockbusters.

(Bear in mind: the quicker we receive a request to remove this, the more potential legitimacy this news has.)

It seems the execs at Hasbro are thrilled that the Transformers movies are making them money hand over fist.  But…  They are concerned about brand integrity.  Just as a Coca-Cola exec cringes every time a can of their product shows up in the wrong place in a porno, the good folks at Hasbro raise their eyebrows when one of their premiere brands has genitals, engages in racial stereotyping, or leg humping, etc.


After all the blowback from the second movie, it seems Hasbro wants to go in a new direction with their signature franchise.  Michael Bay highlighted this fact on his own site, citing a five hour brainstorming session with the folks at Hasbro.  A session it seems that may have had quite an impact.


Attached to this e-mail is an early draft of the third film.  It came to me through a chain of acquaintances.  The intent in our mission was simple, rain on Bay’s parade, yet at the same time give the fans something to hope for after the staggering train wreck of the second film.


Back to that brainstorming session at Hasbro…  The suits quite simply wanted to try and recapture the days of old, when the brand could do no wrong.  Restore nostalgia, story, character, in short they wanted something of substance, something epic with all the fun inherent to all the animated incarnations.  Something to set up the impending 30th anniversary in 2014, a chance to cash in all over again.


Did they get that?  Well having read this script, I would say that they’re coming closer to that goal than they have previously.  I have to keep in mind that it’s an early draft, and therefore likely to be punched up quite a bit before production begins, but if we get anything resembling the bones of this story, there may be cause for celebration.


Of everything Transformers that has been submitted to the big screen, this offends me the least.  There are iconic references, that if they stay in, will no doubt make some very happy.  That must have been one HELL of a meeting.  Oh, one other thing.  There have also been rumors circulating about Megan Fox meeting her maker in the third film. Having read it, I think you’ll see how that rumor got started, you’ll notice there is a point in this draft where she could eat it early on…  However she does survive the crisis, and the rest of the story unfolds from there.


If you choose to use this, call me…



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