Ravage Art: G1 Season 2 Vol. 2 and TotF #5

{mosimage}Hope you have the cyber catnip ready folks, as here's a bit of artwork! From Andrew Griffith, he's posted the artwork for Shout! Factory's G1 Season 2 Vol. 2 box, featuring Soundwave and Ravage versus Blaster! From Josh Perez, clean versions of the first four pages and Carlos Magno's variant cover to the upcoming Tales of the Fallen #5, also featuring Ravage! Alex Milne has also posted the first page to TotF #5, except his is the unedited version of it.

Pounce here for Griffith's art; cover, page 1, page 2, page 3, and page 4 from Perez's gallery; and the unedited version of page 1 at Milne's DeviantArt!