Power Core Combiners Revealed!

{mosimage} What would happen if Armada, Targetmasters and Energon had offspring? Well, now thanks to Power Core Combiners, you know the answer! A new image has appeared from the depths of /toy/ of a mock-up for Huffer and Caliburst in Power Core packaging. So now we get to see just what their gimmicks are! It seems that they include one larger figure, and one smaller figure (in this case, Huffer is the larger figure and Caliburst the smaller one). The larger figure transforms like a regular Transformer, and the smaller figure converts into weaponry for the larger figure! Where does Energon come in? Caliburst is translucent blue, making the cannon that he turns into look like it's composed primarily of energy.

Click here to see and discuss the image! Thanks to Wingus for the find!