New Star Wars Crossovers Announced, ROTF Wave 10 Line-up Revealed!

{mosimage} Entertainment Earth has been busy today posting new Transformers toy entries! (No images though.) The Star Wars Crossovers section has been updated with the case breakdown for Wave 7. Joining Obi Wan/Jedi Starfighter and Battle Droid/AAT Tank (Episode I) are Anakin Skywalker/Y-Wing Bomber and Magna Guard/Xanadu Blood. These will be repaints/remolds of previous molds.

Also listed is the wave breakdown for astf Deluxe Wave 10! The new figures for this wave are Rampage (red) and Evac (white and red repaint of Blazemaster).

Click here for the Crossovers listing, and here for the ROTF listing!