Figure Oh! Issue #143 Recap

{mosimage} Snakas has updated his blog with a run-through of all the information in the latest issue of Figure Oh! There's lots of great information in there, including the tease for Winter Wonder Festival Fallen, and a hint of upcoming NEST videos, tentatively called Transformers Cyber Mission, scheduled for 2010!

Click here for the original blog post, or click here to see a summary translation provided by our very own lonegamer8!


* HA Barricade/Frenzy on sale in Feb, Demolishor and Rampage in January.

* NEST enlistment campaign. Starting Jan. 23 at Japanese TRUs, the first 4000 customers to buy 2000 Yen worth of ROTF products will receive a special NEST metal  badge as a present.

* Transformers Cyber Mission (tentative), scheduled to go online in 2010. NEST short movies will be open to public. No known details yet.

* On the Fallen's silhouette and him being an exclusive for Wonder Fest come Feb. 7, 2010, they'll reveal more details in #144.

* Intro (or referral) on the specs for the Special Edition Bumblebee Camaro. LT edition going for 4420000 Yen (about $48,337 USD) and the SS edition at 5470000 Yen (about $59,860 USD). Limited to 16 cars each when sales start on Feb. 6, and the buyers will be given a HA Bumblebee/Sam as a gift.

* Serialization of "25 Years of Transformers" – part 12; it's those yellow boxes – will be its last. There's allusions to expansion after movie-verse.

There's also mention on an apparent "Super Product Info" edition of TF Generations and that Animated will apparently be joining the book with 2 pages worth of material regarding the Japanese development.

Mention of Animated Voyager Optimus and Deluxe Bumblebee in the issue, plus conforming to English naming instead of Japanese. E.g., "Optimus Prime" instead of "Convoy" and "Bumblebee" instead of "Bumblebee".

Issue #144 of Figure Oh!, a big report titled "Transformers 2010" on new developments in the year 2010, but it's not about the 1986 Japanese-only "Transformers 2010" franchise.