Fans Project TF-Crossfire-2 and Explorer Images

{mosimage} Fans Projects did the usual silhouette teaser before, but now they have posted of an in-progress TF-Crossfire-2. The set is an add-on for the Universe/astf Bruticus Maximus figure, attempting to make them appear more like their G1 counterparts. In addition to parts for combined mode–like forearms, fists, head, and feet–there is also a completely new figure named "Explorer"! G1 fans may notice that this robot that turns into a space shuttle is reminiscent of the Combaticon's Blast-Off. It is also rumored that a new figure that looks more like Swindle is on the way as well.

Click here to see the images, and then discuss them here. Thanks to Venksta for the link! And as always, just a reminder that these are NOT officially licensed figures by Hasbro or Takara Tomy.