Art Display: Figure Oh #143, S3-4 Boxart, and Bumblebee

{mosimage}Trible art time! First up, scans from the Figure Oh! #143 January 2010, courtesy of! Human Alliance Barricade, the special edition Bumblebee Camaro pricing in Japan, Animated in Japan, and other points that we covered earlier from Snakas' blog! Second is the boxart for Shout! Factory's Season 3-4 of the original G1 cartoon by Andrew Griffith! Galvatron versus Rodimus, with a touch of Unicron, of course. And finally, Chee Yang Ong presents his last cover variant to the Bumblebee mini-series from IDW!

Bounce here to check out the scans mirrored at our gallery, then hop over to Griffith's DeviantArt to take a gander at the clean version of the art, and lastly Chee's cover at his DeviantArt gallery.