{mosimage}Nightscream chases down Jetstorm and retrieves Blackarachnia’s spark. Rattrap and Cheetor lose control of Tankor and once again face him and his Vehicon drones. Tankor continually appears to show signs of inner conflict during the battle. While communicating with the Matrix through the Oracle, Optimus finds Rhinox. Optimus is taken back when Rhinox shows signs of hostility towards him. Meanwhile, Rhinox manages to gain control of Tankor claiming that he is no longer on the Maximals’ or Megatron’s side. Cheetor and the others subdue him and attempt to forcefully reprogram him. Optimus appears and tells them to let Rhinox go. Rhinox leaves the Maximals with a criptic message, “the next time we meet, it will not be as allies”.

That's what people were talking about 10 years ago today. An episode of Beast Machines that wouldn't air for 2 more days — but we knew what was going to happen anyway. Why? Because of two enterprising fans by the names of Optimus87 and SH0CKWAVE who decided that a place called "THE ALLSPARK" would be a great place to talk about Beast Machines spoilers, since the so called "Official Beast Machines" forums were having nothing of it.

Hard to believe that was 10 years ago. Hard to believe how much has changed in the world since then. And believe it or not, we're still here. Our community has changed, grown and evolved in these years. Each of our members have had personal tragedies and personal triumphs to learn and grown from. People have gotten married, had children and those same children are now enjoying the conventions and TV shows just as we once did. We got not one, but two Blockbuster movies, new comic books, new toys and 5 subsequent animated series. Who would have thought that something so modest, so far removed from anyone but the most hardcore of us, would have gained such momentum in these past 10 years?

Whether you're new or old, a regular or a lurker, an everyday user or someone who hasn't stopped by in years — I invite you all to come post in this thread and celebrate our 10th anniversary.

It's been my happy privilege to be a part of this grand experiment that we've all taken part in, and I look forward to the next 10 years and beyond. And I hope you'll join us all.