TakaraTomy’s Buster Optimus Prime Images & Release

{mosimage}Set to be released on 11/21 (less than 24 hours from now within Japan), collectors are already receiving their astf TakaraTomy RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime figure.  This figure is a retool of the original RotF Leader Optimus Prime, and features a super detailed paint scheme, new exposed face headsculpt, and new gas tanks that convert to his Ion Blaster.  As of this writing there are no announcements regarding a Hasbro release of this figure.  Also due for release on the 21st in Japan is Human Alliance RA-25 Skids, Mikaela, and Arcee.

You can view images of the production version of this figure and discuss his impending release on our forums.  Thanks to Ricochet of TFW2005 for the news.