Mailaway ROTF Ravage, Hasbro Red Rampage and Evac Revealed

{mosimage} Ben Yee of has posted new images of the astf Nest Global Alliance 2-Packs with Infiltration Soundwave and Battlefield Bumblebee. In the images, he reveals the mailaway figure mentioned on the box; a repaint of ROTF Deluxe Ravage! This redeco will be black, red, yellow, and…chrome! You will need to collect three NEST stickers in order to send away for the figure.

Also revealed in the catalog accompanying the set are repaints of the Rampage and Blazemaster Deluxe molds. Rampage will be in his more movie accurate red, while Blazemaster will be in a G1 Blades-style deco and named Evac!

Click here and here to see the images on Ben Yee's site! Then discuss this news here in Nevermore's thread!