Dengeki Hobby December 2009 Scans

{mosimage}Heads up! ModxToy's pete_amuro has the latest scans of Dengeki Hobby December 2009 issue! What's in it? A recap of the exclusives found throughout Japan's various retailers on purchasing astf: from Optimus Black Version via Amazon, to the Desert version of the twins from Lawson, Tsutaya's EZ Collection (Legends) Bumblebee Clear version, and Stealth version of Bumblebee! Buster Optimus RA-24 is still slated for November and will still be able to combine with Leader Jetfire. EZ Collection Desert Combat Rampage will be limited to 4000 at Japan's Toys'R'Us with purchases up to 3000 Yen in Transformers-related products, starting November 21. EZ Collection Wave 2 is also covered; Disney Label Donald Duck; Encore #19 featuring Frenzy, Rumble, Overkill, and Laserbeak;and Device Label. On Device Label Blaster (Broadblast), he's labeled as a spring release, so there might still be hope.

For convenience, check the scans mirrored at our gallery!