What’s In Store For Transformers in 2010? Hasbro Investor Day on November 5th!

{mosimage} With Transformers: Animated and astf behind us, the question on every Transfan's mind is 'What's Next'?  We know a movie is coming in 2011, but what will fill 2010?  And expansion of ROTF?  Or a new show?  Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner hinted during a conference call that Transformers – along with G. I. Joe and My Little Pony – may be returning to television next year!  This would make perfect sense considering the news of the Hasbro/Discovery TV Network.  Most exciting was that Goldner revealed that further details will be released on November 5th, during the Hasbro Investor Day event at Hasbro HQ in Rhode Island.  He also again confirmed that TF3 is gearing up for a release date on 7/1/2011, and that G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is also looking towards a sequel.  You can read more about hints for the future of Hasbro's Brands, including Star Wars and more, at Entertainment News International!