ROTF Blu-Ray/DVD Promo at West Hollywood Roundup

{mosimage}Alongside Bumblebee at West Hollywood Gateway Shopping Center on the corner of La Brea Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd in, where else, West Hollywood, radio station KROQ 106.7 FM was there with Target and Best Buy on promoting the DVD and Blu-Ray release of "astf"! Best Buy kept their doors opened later than usual and began selling copies of "Revenge" around 10PM, their exclusive being the mini-replica of Optimus' head at $49.99 USD. Target followed suit with their midnight sale, the transforming Bumblebee case as their exclusive – as a just-in-case, the PS3 game is on sale at $29.99 while the DS versions at $25 for a limited time. Of note on Bumblebee is that this is a different model from the one that was previously displayed at the shopping center back in 2007 and seen at both films' premieres during the Los Angeles Film Festival (being that that model was auctioned off earlier).

For those living/visiting in or around West Hollywood, better snag those photos with Bumblebee fast, because he'll be gone after October 20!

Check out the photo gallery here!