How Many Copies Did ROTF Sell On Its First Day?

{mosimage}Nelson of AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME.COM MichaelBay.Com has swung by with this report:

I've been getting emails from LA, Chicago, NYC, and Houston of people going to their local retailers to only being told that they ran out of TF2 DVDs and Blu-rays. It's insane!!

I've also received unconfirmed reports that about 4 miliion copies of TF2 were sold today.

I will keep you posted!

FOUR MILLION? IN ONE DAY?  By comparison, the top selling DVD to date in 2009 is Twilight with 10 million sales… total, since it was released. In March. Only two other movies this year have sold that many DVD's. It looks like astf is well on it's way to be the top selling DVD/Blu-Ray of the year!


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