Figure King No. 141 Scans

{mosimage} has posted the latest scans from Figure King issue 141 which shows Toys 'R' Us Japan's newest campaign involving the red astf EZ Collection Rampage! Buy up to 3000 Yen worth of Transformers merchandise at TRU and 4000 lucky folks will get their hands on this Constructicon (valid starting November 21)! Also covered is the EZ Collection volume 2 (Optimus, Wheelie, Megatron, Skids Sideways, Ironhide, Grindor, and Soundwave); a 25-years coverage blurb that covers 2002 to 2006; the various Japanese exclusives that comes with the DVD/BD release in December; Encore-19 on more Cassettes; and the Device Label cats of Tigatron and Ravage!

Check the scans mirrored at our image gallery and sound off regarding the red Rampage at Powered Convoy's thread!