Clear Stock Photos of Upcoming RotF Figures!

{mosimage}Preorders TakaraTomy's upcoming Revenge (known as Revenge of the Fallen in other countries) figures are now online at Toys 'R Us Japan.  These images give us our best look thus far of many of these figures.  These photos are the same ones shown at Botcon 2009 and SDCC 2009.  Thanks to mx-01 archon and Nevermore for the news.

You can discuss the news here and click the individual links below for each individual page.

RA-28 NEST Ratchet  |  RA-29 NEST Brawn 
RA-30 NEST Scattorshot RD-24 Human Alliance Barricade & Frenzy
RD-25 NEST Mindwipe  |  RD-26 NEST Lockdown  |  RD-27 NEST Skystalker