ROTF Wideload, Bludgeon and FAB Night Blades Sideswipe in package

{mosimage} The tag team duo of yizhi521 and s250 bring us some more in package images of upcoming astf figures! First up from s250 are Scout Wideload and Fast Action Battlers Night Blades Sideswipe! Both figures are repaints – of Rollbar and Battle Blade Sideswipe, respectively. Yizhi521 brings to the table two images that will definitely interest those Pretenders fans out there! He has posted the front and back of ROTF Bludgeon's box, including his bio. So fans wondering how this toy links the the other Bludgeon toy from the line need wonder no more!

Click here for the Wideload and Night Blades Sideswipe figures, and here for Bludgeon. Then discuss these figures here and here!