Profiles In History Auctions Transformers and ROTF Props!

{mosimage} Ever wanted to own Wheelie?  How about Bumblebee – the car, or the giant robot?  How about one of the heads of the 7 Original Primes (Optimus can add it to his face collection!), or the Matrix, or one of Isabel Lucas's fine fine dresses?  Well, if you have a ton of money, now's your chance!  Profiles In History is holding a massive auction in October, that features a number of props from both Transformers and astf!  From Wheelies little alt mode, to Bumblebee's full-scale stand-in, from Tyreses's Uniform to a Tomb Of the Primes miniature, from an Allspark Shard to Scalpels alt mode, from Captain Witwicky's famous glasses, to Mojo's Bling, an absolute ton of props are available for auction!  To see the choices, head over to Profiles In History's website , and type 'Transformers' into the search box.  There's a lot of great pictures there as well, so take your time, and if you're feeling a little crazy, go for it!