Hasbro Marvel Q&A Round 6 Answers

{mosimage} The Allspark was invited to take part in Hasbro's Marvel Q&A Round 6, and we have now received the answers! What does this have to do with Transformers, you may ask. Well, one of the questions that we submitted asked about the Marvel-only human and alien/robot characters that appeared in the comic run during the 1980's. Here's the response:

Any characters that were published by Marvel prior to their appearance in the TRANSFORMERS comic book series remain the property of Marvel or its licensors. We certainly understand the importance and heritage that many of these characters play within the Marvel and TRANSFORMERS universes. While we do not have any immediate plans to release these characters, we may consider incorporating them into their respective brands in the future if Marvel and Hasbro agree that it makes sense to do so.

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