Double Frank Welker Interviews

{mosimage}The second golden-throated voice actor Emperor of Destruction, Frank Welker, is not in one but TWO interviews! One by UGO Movieblog's Jordan Hoffman and another by Newsarama's Steve Fritz, and just following the tail of Shout! Factoy's release of the original Generation 1 cartoon second season episodes. What's to hear from the proverbial "Man of a Thousand Voices" in the quick interview? His response regarding the fans' reaction on him not voicing Megatron in the first film, his role as Soundwave in astf, and a mention regarding Gremlins fromHoffman's side. From Fritz's side, how he conceived Megatron's distinct voice, the difference from his earlier work on "Smurfs", and a thought on the franchise celebrating 25 years.

Read the original UGO interview here, and Newsarama's here!