Andy Schmidt Talks “Transformers: Continuum”

{mosimage}IDW editor Andy Schmidt (and writer of "Spotlight Metroplex") talks with USA Today on "Transformers: Continuum", where Continuum is something like a history book for our robotic overlords. Some of Andy's response includes: it's a good entry point for those not familiar with any Transformers comics, covers a timeline perspective in third person, and more.

The fan base is really vocal. They're there to remind me about characters, about timelines, about continuity and details. And all of these different fans like different characters. There's a lot of diversity within the fan base and a lot of different characters that they can latch on to in the Transformers universe. And, at the same time, writers and artists come along and re-create or re-envision the way certain characters are portrayed or use new tactics to tell stories using these characters.

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